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14-year old Sacha as inspiration at DOIT's project meeting

At DOIT’s project meeting we had also a visit of 14-year-old Sacha from 7th grade at the Billund School. Sacha was visiting to answer questions about the things that motivate her and what demotivate her. The visit should highlight some of the challenges that students can face today in the form of teaching.

We created our dream world @ MakerDays Salzburg

Cardboard, lenses, tape and a few pens: how to create a dream world in 3D from these things? Children could experience this at the DOIT stand at the MakerDays in theStadt:Bibliothek Salzburg!

The Way Young People Improve Environmental Sustainability - Success Story #012

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We learn from our experience that if there is even the tiniest chance to realize your idea, you cannot miss it. There are so many opportunities in this world for everyone – no matter how old you are or what’s your social status or education level, anyone can get the right competencies to work for their dreams.

A Young Inventor - Success Story #013

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Children’s creativity is endlessly and every child need to feel free to use their imagination – it is the main driving force to create incredible things!  One boy believes the same - Tautvydas Petruškevičius, who remembers himself as a crazy kid, who was addicted to toy building bricks and was creating constructions bigger than himself.

DOIT workshop at MakerDays in Stadt:Bibliothek Salzburg (2018-03-02)

The Makerdays in Salzburg will take place in March under the motto "Analog meets Digital". On March 2, DOIT will hold a workshop on the theme of "(Co-)designing the world". Stop by if you want to create your own world with 360° pictures!In the Stadt:Bibliothek in Salzburg, everyone will get a chance to design his favourite place or his perfect world using 360° pictures.