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Salzburg representatives at Salzburg Research

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Salzburg Research had a visit from Salzburgs policy maker Martina Jöbst, whol is responsible in the Salzburg Vokspartei for the department Youth, Education, Science and Research.

ZSI makes Krampus!

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On December 4th, ZSI (Zentrum für soziale Innovation) held a maker workshops for kids where technology met culture! They chose a really great topic - the Austrian Krampusse.

Publication about maker days in Graz

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Together with the TU Graz, Sandra Schön (Salzburg Research) published an article about the maker days in Graz, Austria's biggest makerspace for children.


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DOIT was interviewed by SOCI@LL as a best practice on current practices for innovative inclusive systems inside and around schools that foster cross-⁠sectorial collaborations.

IML 2018 conference slides online!

SRFG discussed the question "Social Innovation in Makerspaces as a means of media literacy?" with participants of the Information and Media Literacy conference 2018.