Business models for OER (Edmedia 2019)

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image shows some of the OER business models cards developed by DOIT

DOIT is not only working on social innovation in makerspaces - the project also tries to spread the ideas and materials in a sustainable way. Our considerations include how the partner might use the open educational resources that are developed after the project. Guntram Geser and Sandra Schön (both Salzburg Research), together with DOIT advisor Martin Ebner (TU Graz) wrote a contribution on "Business models for Open Educational Resources: how to exploit OER after a funded project?". Martin will present the paper at the EdMedia conference in Amsterdam.

And of course we are proud to share or business cards with all of you. If you want to think and co-create potential business models for your OER projects and future exploitation, use these as inspiration. You can e.g. descide which 3 cards fits best and then build your business model or you can force you to adapt business models which were selected by chance for your own case. Sounds weird, but the best ideas are not always developed in straight ways. Enjoy!


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