DOIT at the biannual Children's City Salzburg 2019

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We love to reach a lot of children with the tools and materials we develop within DOIT with our roll-out activities for kids. The first big event in Austria is Salzburg's biannual Children's City, the "Kinderstadt Mini-Salzburg". The whole concept and city is dedicated to children as citizen in their own town - where they can learn, work, buy, sell, vote, candidate, report, study, produce etc. as adults in a real city. 

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The Salzburg Research DOIT team hosts the DOIT makerspace for game developer - co-design, develop, produce and sell games - using hot glue, 3D printing, makey makey, programming etc. And of course we will discuss how to make the ideas and games better and give feedback for each other. What we will do is of course mainly influenced by the kids themselves: their ideas, needs, wishes, creativity - our makerspace CEO will be one of the kids, of course! 

Some photos of the DOIT makerspace from 26th to 29th June 2019 in Salzburg

Some photos of the DOIT makerspace at the MiniStadt Salzburg