It’s easy to become a DOer!

Are you a…

engaged person, who is interested in making, social innovation and/or entrepreneurial education?

  • I will think about the problems around me and what I could do to help.

  • I will use my ideas to help not just me but also those around me.

  • I will dream big but also think about all the little ways of helping.

  • I will be curious, open-minded and persistent.

  • I will trust my ideas and abilities but also respect and value those of other people.

  • I will learn from others, older and younger, by working together and sharing, and I will share what I know and what I am good at with others.

  • I will not be discouraged by complications and people who do not believe in me. I will try and learn until I get it right, and I will show everyone that I can DOIT!

Teacher, youth worker, educationalist, maker, facilitator or someone who works with or for children and young people?

  • I will encourage children and young people to think and behave in the ways described above.

  • I will create an environment and provide opportunities for children and young people to develop their entrepreneurial spirit and try out being social innovators.

  • I will share my skills, knowledge and resources to help them make the best of their learning and create the best possible outcomes.

Or are you simply somebody who is excited about making the world a better place, one idea at a time?

Maybe you know someone who is always full of ideas and who, with the right encouragement and support, might make great things happen – whether it’s your grandchild, your sister or your best friend. Maybe you wonder whether you yourself could not do more about the things that worry you and become a bit more pro-active about the way you

  • I will try to see not just problems but also exciting possibilities for creative solutions.

  • I will do my bit, no matter how small, to be part of the change – rather than just accept bad things passively, I will do something about it.

  • I will tell others about DOIT and its way of thinking and all the great things this could lead to, and encourage them to think of the great things they could do.

  • I will support the people I know to become active citizens who care about the society and social innovators who look for ways to make things better.

Do you think you can do that?

You don’t need to do anything drastic. No need to shut yourself in your room for a month until you come up with that genius idea solving all the problems in the world. It can be all about the little ideas, the little changes. Because when thousands of people make their little changes Why not give it a try and sign our pledge?

Is there anything else you would like to promise yourself to do as a DOer? A concrete action you could take, a specific resolution to do things differently, or just a thought that inspired you do most? You can write down what YOU will DO in the next months to play your part in the revolution.

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See DOIT Privacy Statement