DOIT Manifesto

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How can education help children and young people tackle future societal problems and youth unemployment ? How can we ensure that future generations have the skills and confidence to shape their own futures and drive the society forward?

DOIT (Digital fabricati on and making for social innova tors) is a novel large-scale Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Programme for children and educators in 10 European countries that aims to equip children and youth with social entrepreneurial mindsets, tools and skills to allow them to turn ideas into actions and become proactive individuals with the capacity and confidence to have positive societal impact through sustainable innovations and creating jobs for themselves and others.

The aim of DOIT is:

To empower girls and boys from 6 to 16 to develop and share innovative concrete solutions for a better world using digital technologies in open environments – makerspaces for example – and to transform and foster early entrepreneurship education for Europe and beyond.

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Entrepreneurship education is a recognised driver for economic growth and job creation. We believe that developing relevant skills from a young age, equipping people with the confidence and tools to utilise these, and creating the environment to nurture social entrepreneurial behaviour and active citizenship enhances life and society in more ways, by encouraging people to identify and actively address social challenges and disadvantage through social innovations and collaboration.

We live in a digital age, and the ability to navigate the possibilities of new technologies will remain an important driving force. Let’s combine this with provide tools, techniques and support as well as collaborative places for innovative forms of making. Let’s inspire youth to work together and turn their ideas into real-impact solutions to pressing problems. And let’s create an atmosphere of exciting intergenerational learning and wide sharing for both children and adults. When this happens, we could create something invaluable: a scalable and sustainable educational model that could help change the world one problem at a time, and nurture a generation of people with the skills and courage to take charge of their futures and of what matters to them.

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