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Webinar on Entrepreneurship & Problem Solving

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In the webinar about entrepreneurship & problem solving on the 12th of March, hosted and moderated by Elin McCallum. In addition to Marjut Hiltunen, who introduced phenomenon-based learning, DOIT coordinator Sandra Schön also introduced DOIT and talked about early entrepreneurship and innovation education in makerspaces.

"It’s OK to Ask for Help!" - SUCCESS STORY #48

Although it might seem like a great sign of independence to work alone, sometimes it is even better to know when and how to ask for support. At first, something might seem hard or impossible to do. It might be frustrating and very time consuming to tackle something on your own. But be sure that with the help of others you might find new ideas and solutions!

"Sharing is Caring" - SUCCESS STORY #47

Creative ideas and unusual solutions often come unexpectedly. Sometimes we might have a clear idea of what we want to do and how we are going to solve a problem. However, very often we end up by making something completely different. By getting new inputs and cooperating with others, new and even greater ideas might evolve.

"We All Have the Same Voice" - SUCCESS STORY #45

There is the maxim saying that “There is no I in team.”. Rather than interpreting this as saying that everyone in a group has to agree to the same ideas, it is about finding a basis for a great communication. So everyone can participate in the discussion, being reassured that he or she is heard. This might be something that the group develops independently, by themselves.

"I Can Do It!" - SUCCESS STORY #44

The best way to learn something is by trying, doing and making. And to make sure knowledge is permanent it takes opportunities to apply it. To gain confidence and flexibility in when and how to use it for solving complex problems and challenges.

“A Young Eco-Warrior” – Success Story #21

“Young people need to stand up and make a difference as we are the next generation of leaders” – thinks Shalise Leesfield, an 11-year-old girl, who has already started to change the world by making a difference to the environment.