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Mini Maker Faire 2018 in Salzburg

On Saturday, November 10th 2018, the Mini Maker Faire took place in Salzburg. At 30 different making stations, around 1100 visitors were able to give free rein to their creativity. Read on to learn more!

December: DOIT Webinar

Project coordinator Dr. Sandra Schön will hold a webinar on the principles and measures that can ensure greater participation by girls in makerspaces.

DOIT in Forbes Magazine

The large network created by DOIT's partners provides great opportunities to share the project. Our partner at YouthProAktiv, Paloma Cantero Goméz, has published an article on Social Innovators.

MisTEL publication available!

Already in June, our partner ZSI presented a paper on Early Entrepreneurial Education at the MisTEL conference in Spain. Now the publication is available, too! Read the project publication here!    

DOIT @ Social Innovation Village at the Web Summit 2018

On November 7th in Social Innovation Village at the Web Summit 2018 our partners from YouthProAktiv and Salzburg Research, Paloma Cantero Gómeand Eva Hollauf, promoted DOIT Europe project, its goals and achievements and also encouraged to become one o

Publication: German translation of "How to reach more girls in makerspaces"

We translated our poster about how to reach more girls in makerspace settings into German. It was now published in a popular German speaking Weblog of media pedagogics: Sandra Schön, Margarethe Rosenova, Martin Ebner and Maria Grandl (2018). Mehr Mädchen in Makerspaces? – Empfehlungen aus der aktuellen Literatur.