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Big Ideas For A Better School - Success Story #009

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A lot of children find it hard to fully realize themselves at school. The most common reason for this – schools can not provide enough activities to interest all children. But does it mean that such problems stop every child from creating themselves as individuals? We don’t think so. Why?

A Boy and the Wind - Success Story #004

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It is said that anything is possible if you have the mindset, the will and desire to put all your efforts to achieve your goal. But what if you are 14 years old, live in Africa, want to build a windmill in the village with no running water and electricity? Even these circumstances didn‘t stop William Kamkwamba from his dream to provide his family with running water, electricity and...

DOIT's first publication is available!

DOIT was already mentioned within some of DOIT's partners publication but the first "only DOIT" publication within a journal is available now as well: A short description of DOIT within Austria's journal "medienimpulse". Of course DOIT's publication is freely available (and open licenced).