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“Discover and foster capabilities” #55

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Have you ever faced the issue that you forgot to close the window before it starts raining? In that case, the children of the primary school in Gröbming, Austria, have a solution for you. And many more solutions for different types of issues, all of them developed during a roll-out activity of DOIT.

DoIt Webinar: Pop-up hacklabs

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Today's DoIt Webinar is on Pop-up Hacklabs with Dr. Margit Hofer from ZSI. We cover issues such as how to set up makerspaces in rural areas and lessons learned when being mobile.

See the video in a new window HERE or embedded below.


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This is a DoIt webinar on topics that practitioners supporting young social innovators find important. Our topic is "Rearranging the classroom and working with teachers." Our experts on the topic are Roberto Vdovic from the University of Zagreb and Kristijan Tkalec from BioTehna.

publication for GMW conference

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For the German conference GMW 2019 the team from Salzburg Research together with Clarissa Braun and Martin Ebner (both TU Graz) were able to successfully submit a contribution to makerspaces as a new variant of student laboratories.

OER cards available in German

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DOIT wants to make the toolbox materials available to as many people as possible and reach a broad mass with them. All the more reason for us to be happy when organisations and initiatives adopt, translate and share the materials! 

DoIt Webinar: Data-based problem solving

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This video continues our DoIt Webinar series on topics that practitioners supporting young social innovators find important. Today's topic is "Data-based problem solving". Our experts on the topic are Annika Wolff from LUT University and Giacomo Capellini from the Italian National Research Council. Please find the embedded video and the direct view link below.

It's Coming! DOIT Expert Meeting 2 in Berlin

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How can we better use elements of the open culture to facilitate and nurture effective collaboration among individuals, organizations, and initiatives in the fields of non-formal education, making/STEAM and/or social innovation? Which new strategies, policies, and practices are needed to this end?

DOIT's first EC Policy Brief is available

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The DOIT team invested a lot of effort - and several DOIT advisors and other interested experts shared opions, suggestions ... up to this final version. Thanks a lot to all who contributed! We proudly present: