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"Who creates the slowest marble run?" #74

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After weeks of being closed down, the makerspaces in Amsterdam are finally open again! In small groups, the children are welcomed at the Maakplaats 021 in Osdorp. What they have missed the most? “Working together with other children and the workshop coaches!”

"Stormcatcher" #73

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A team of four pupils from Elementary school Klinača Sela devised a project to collect alternative energy during a storm, using a tower for protection against lightning strikes, but also to collect high-voltage energy from lighting, and bring them to underground capacitors for urban use.

"Playground from trash" #72

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In order to contribute to the environment protection and increase the awareness of citizens that a lot of waste can be reused, the pupils designed a children's playground composed of things that many people would throw away and on tis way they gave the objects a new purpose.

"From city to health" #71

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In cities, especially in their centers, there are more and more buildings, and less houses and areas where healthy food could be grown.

"Stop mosquitoes!" #70

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In summer times we are often surrounded by mosquitoes whose stings cause itching, sometimes an allergic reaction, and also, they transmit several types of disease.