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“C&te”: How Stainless Steel Balls Can Save Your Time" - SUCCESS STORY #15

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How many of you drink tea or coffee in the morning? And how many times you couldn’t finish it because it was too hot and you were in a rush? This problem is now solved, because a group of student girls found an option — using stainless steel balls allow to cool hot water in just a few moments.

"The Way Young People Improve Environmental Sustainability" - SUCCESS STORY #12

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As Lukrecija claims, her journey as a social innovator has started when she was a curious and active girl at school. By that time, being an 8th-grader, she got interested in political and social activities. These activities have shown this girl that you should always choose a way which makes you happy and feel free to realize even the craziest ideas.

"Going Bananas" - SUCCESS STORy #11

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Elif Bilgin was always aware of environmental problems, such as climate change and pollution, which is usual on a daily basis. When Elif just found out about bioplastics, she got a brilliant idea — to use bananas as a potential material.

"The Kangaroo Cup" - SUCCESS STORY #31

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When Lily Born noticed her grandfather, who has Parkinson’s disease, is having trouble drinking from regular cups without spilling his beverages, a girl promised herself to make his life easier.

"A Young Ebola Fighter" - SUCCESS STORY #30

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“We measure our happiness in the way we help others.” These are the words, which were told by grandfather of Olivia Hallisey, a young girl from Greenwich, Connecticut, wishing to be a doctor and medical researcher, just like him.

"A Young Robotics Engineer" - SUCCESS STORY #29

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Karolis became a young engineer at the early childhood when building bridges from straws and constructing Lego projects was the biggest entertainment. And guess who a young inventor has became now?