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DOIT was interviewed by SOCI@LL as a best practice on current practices for innovative inclusive systems inside and around schools that foster cross-⁠sectorial collaborations.

Mariagiovanna Carpinteri is project manager within the School Unit of CESIE, a European centre of studies and initiatives established in 2001 in Palermo (Sicily, Italy) , inspired by the work and theories of sociologist Danilo Dolci [2] (1924-⁠1997). And she works for the Erasmus+ funded project SOCI@LL, coordinated by INOVA+, started on 15th January 2018 will last three years.

SOCI@LL MAIN OBJECTIVE is to foster social inclusion and multicultural learning in education and training systems supported by a whole school approach that ensures the full involvement of the end-⁠users/⁠beneficiaries (students, teachers, local authorities, and local communities) creating local social labs, virtual platforms interconnected through a European network.

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Within in these preparation phase they collect a common body of knowledge and best practices on current practices for innovative inclusive systems inside and around schools that foster cross-⁠sectorial collaborations. Therefore, Mariagiovanna Carpinteri did an interview with project coordinator Sandra Schön (Salzburg Research) in November 2018 to share first results and insights into DOIT. Of course DOIT love to do this cooperational work and is looking forward to the future publication!