ONLINE PILOT - WEEK 1 - Get started!


to the first week of the DOIT online action! 

This week is all about finding something you want to work on. Maybe you have already thought of a problem in your environment you want to solve? We want to come up with ideas and solutions to problems on the topic we are dealing with the next weeks: Living Together. But before we start, let me introduce myself:



How does it work?

In this first week, you will get material from us on Monday. On Tuesday, 15:30 CET, we will have a chat where you can exchange your ideas and experiences and also ask questions about the topic. We will publish some more news on Wednesday, before we will have another chat on Thursday, 13:30 CET! And of course, you will get a summary of the week on Friday. Do not hesitate to ask us, if you have any problems: