"I Can Do It!" - SUCCESS STORY #44

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The best way to learn something is by trying, doing and making. And to make sure knowledge is permanent it takes opportunities to apply it. To gain confidence and flexibility in when and how to use it for solving complex problems and challenges.

Ada is a young girl from Berlin. She participated already in the first edition of the FUTURE MONSTER LAB pilot. During the first workshop, together with two of her friends, Ada created the monster called Flüsch. When she heard that there would be a second edition of the FUTURE MONSTER LAB she was instantly hooked and she knew that she wanted to participate a second time. Knowing that the workshop would be more or less the same she was still convinced to participate again. However, this time none of her friends participated and she didn’t know any of the other kids beforehand.

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The participants were asked to build groups of four to work on a monster. During the first two days Ada had already teamed up with a boy who, similar to Ada, was rather quiet. When the groups formed the two of them asked if they could work in a smaller group because they already had an idea and they felt more confident working in a group of two. When Ada first participated at the FUTURE MONSTER LAB she was unsure if she could do things. Her friends were always a bit louder and faster when it came to making a decision or making something. This time her team partner had a similar temper. Also through the encouragement of the last workshop where she tried soldering she knew that she could do it!

On a different occasion she participated at an open workshop at a mini maker fair. The goal was to build simple robots for a hebocon. A hebocon is a playful robot competition. The name hebocon originates from the Japanese heboi. Heboi is something with an error, something which is not perfect or maybe also with mistakes. The participants build robots out of simple motors and without an instruction to follow. There are just some rules to follow — making sure that the robots are low tech and that the fight is a friendly competition.

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Ada, her sister and her mother visited and built robots together. In contrast to the first participation at the Future Monster Lab Ada was very eager to do things herself and even showed her sister and mother how to solder! Both Adas and her sisters were successful competitors at the hebocon!

By participating at DOIT’s workshop Ada made a big step in the development of her future entrepreneurial, creative and constructive skills!


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