"Experiments and Errors — Rebuilding and Reinventing" - SUCCESS STORY #46

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As hard as it may seem sometimes key skills for success are determination, enthusiasm and motivation. Especially, when after a few tries it doesn’t work out and it seems like nothing is going right. But you never know — maybe with the next try you’ll get lucky!

Lynn is a young girl from Berlin. She participated in the first edition of the FUTURE MONSTER LAB pilot within the DO IT programe. On a different occasion she participated at an open workshop at a mini maker faire. The goal was to build simple robots for a hebocon. A hebocon is a playful robot competition. The name hebocon originates from the Japanese heboi. Heboi refers to something with an error, something which is not perfect and has some mistakes. The participants built robots out of simple motors and without any instruction to follow. There are just some rules to follow — making sure that the robots are low tech and that the fight between participants is a friendly competition.

The event took place Saturday and Sunday. Lynn visited the event with her parents and her siblings. She stopped by our booth together with her friend. The first day she built a small robot named Dudu. Dudu contained the cover of an old mobile phone and a motor taken from a phone. At the end of each day we had a small competition. On Saturday Dudu was not that successful. The following day Lynn returned with the intention of improving Dudu. However, a girl realized that the robot was gone.

Sad and disappointed that someone had taken her robot Lynn searched the area for her robot hoping that she would find it somewhere. And to everyone’s surprise she was lucky enough to find it! It was damaged and instead of simply improving her design Lynn had to rebuild the robot. The first round of the competition Dudu had still some struggles and during the very last minute Lynn had to make some adjustments of her design. With this adjustment Dudu was unstoppable. Without any problems he made it from one round to the next one. In the end the little robot Dudu won!

After the competition Lynn said: “I am so glad I found the robot again. It was OK that I had to repair it. In this way I had to re-do things and that is why it won”. Also she tried to explain her excitement “I was nervous and my heart was beating very fast. This always happens. I don’t know why.”

Even though it seemed at first like Lynn wasn’t successful and also not having any luck she decided not to give up. We believe that Lynn’s determination and courage will make her a great maker and inventor one day!



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