"Sharing is Caring" - SUCCESS STORY #47

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Creative ideas and unusual solutions often come unexpectedly. Sometimes we might have a clear idea of what we want to do and how we are going to solve a problem. However, very often we end up by making something completely different. By getting new inputs and cooperating with others, new and even greater ideas might evolve.

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Nicolai was a participant at the FUTURE MONSTER LAB in Berlin in February 2019. Already during the first day he was very interested into details and listened very carefully to what was explained or what we talked about. When the 3D printer was printing battery holders he eagerly asked questions to understand how it worked and what it was producing. When he noticed that the 3D printer was done he asked if he could take the object out of the printer and if he could restart the printer. He had understood the principle of 3D printing and wanted to try it out and do it by himself.

When other participants had questions he tried to answer them and explained more about the printer. Together with his group members he built a monster to solve fights and conflicts. The monster holds a huge “Stop!!!” sign which signals people who are arguing that they should stop. For the child who was hurt — with words or through actions — the monster provides comfort and support that is symbolized through lollies. A young inventor also brought a micro-controller and servo motors to integrate into the project. For their final monster the group of four boys had incorporated the ideas of their individual prototypes. They ended up using two DC motors and switches sourced from old electronics.

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A few weeks later, the team from the Future Monster Lab was at a mini makerfaire. Nicolai was also there. He and his friend stopped by saying hello and handing over a box with the words “We have a present for you”. In the box were the four servo motors that he had already brought with him to the Future Monster Lab.

While at first it seemed like he had this idea of what materials would be important to use for building a real robotic monster, the Future Monster Lab helped recognizing the endless possibilities of various materials. Nicolai proved that if you want to build construct and invent new things — you can use everything you want!



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