Webinar on Entrepreneurship & Problem Solving

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Screenshot of the webinar slide

In the webinar about entrepreneurship & problem solving on the 12th of March, hosted and moderated by Elin McCallum. In addition to Marjut Hiltunen, who introduced phenomenon-based learning, DOIT coordinator Sandra Schön also introduced DOIT and talked about early entrepreneurship and innovation education in makerspaces.

The webinar presents two approaches of entrepreneurial problem-solving. The first one, phenomenon-based learning, deals with phenomena:

"Phenomena are holistic topics like human, media and technology, water or energy. Then phenomena are studied as complete entities as a cross-curricular theme, in their real context, and the information and skills related to them are studied by crossing the boundaries between subjects." (see schooleducationgetaway.eu)

Sandra Schön, DOITs coordinator, presented the DOIT programme, which links entrepreneurial problem-solving to social innovation. 


 You can watch the whole webinar here.