"Help is closer than you think" - Success Story #50

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Romeo and Maya

Our success stories come in all sizes and shapes! The following is from a workshop in the first pilot phase that our partner Salzburg Research (SRFG) did in a primary school in Salzburg.

One of the topics SRFG dealt with during the pilot was Accident Prevention. This topic was chosen by the children during a co-design meeting before the core action of the DOIT pilot. The kids split up in groups of 5 and made a tour through their school, looking for "dangerous" places. The kids are in the school every day and therefore also know best, where they have to watch out. 

What did they find?

Using one of the toolbox materials, the DOIT Social Detectivethey returned with a lot of ideas. One group observed that the staircase to the changing room gets slippery in winter and another group mentioned that they often have troubles with the overcrowded gym. Also the stage in the room where a lot of school events are held was a topic: The kids are often so concentrated on their role, that they oversee the edge and trip over. For these challenges, various solutions were built: Anti-slip tape for the stairs, a traffic light for the gym and different signs and lights for the stage. Another issue they mentioned was cutting themselves on sharp objects - not necessarily with knives, but also with scissors or even on paper!

What can we do?

Two girls were eager to work on this issue and came up with the idea to euqip each floor with a Band-Aid box. It should provide band-aids and also other first aid kits essentials in case someone gets hurt in school.

One of the girls, Maya, was working on the band aid box prototype, when it happened: Romeo, totally absorbed by the work on his own prototype (a safe soccer goal) with the hot glue, burned his finger tip. 

Romeos burned fingertip

 It was a small wound, but of course it also hurts. Maya felt bad for him, but then she remembered   what she was   working on: the band aid box! "Our box can help!!", she said and gave Romeo a band-   aid for his finger tip, so he   could continue working on his own prototype. Romeo's injury also brought   up new ideas for Maya's prototype: She   added some features, for example desinfection spray,   cotton wool and a cream for wounds. Romeo was very   thankful and Maya was proud, that she was   able to help him. 


It is always great to see that there are success stories wherever you go. Especially during our pilots, we saw how different they can be. We are happy to share every little and big story with you and are also looking forward to your stories!