“C&te”: How Stainless Steel Balls Can Save Your Time" - SUCCESS STORY #15

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Sometimes the most genius ideas come to our minds when we face casual problems. For example, how many of you drink tea or coffee in the morning? And how many times you couldn’t finish it because it was too hot and you were in a rush? This problem is now solved, because a group of student girls found an option — using stainless steel balls allow to cool hot water in just a few moments. Practical choice to save your time!

Greta Jarmalavičiūtė, who became the initiator of cooling stainless steel balls “C&te” at the age of 16 , says that this idea came to her mind accidentally. One morning, when Greta was late for school, she found out that her other friends were late too, because… they didn’t have much time to finish their hot teas. And this funny coincidence was a reason to think about it as a problem, which possibly appears to even more people. At that time students at Greta’s school were encouraged to share and realize their ideas in the student’s workshops, where they could develop it and learn fundamentals of enterprise by creating prototypes, pitching and participating in various competitions for recognition. Greta, together with her friends, decided to give it a try without even the tiniest thought of how successful “C&te” will become.

First of all, they found a supplier which produces simple steel balls. Girls also make steel bags in which these balls are put in order to use it easier. And, after all, these cooling balls need to be soaked into disinfectant fluid. Now it is suitable for use! When the team fully realized this idea and making process, they represented their invention in various competitions and fairs. Greta was very surprised when people were attracted by this product and even started to buy it! It was just a start of their success — “C&te” defeated other 170 teams in International Student Company Trade Fair 2017 and became the best students’ enterprise in Lithuania. Later their team was recognized internationally in JA Europe Company of the Year Competition, which took place in Brussels, 2017. “C&te” took the 3rd place and Greta got the nomination of the Best Youth Leader. It was the biggest inspiration to keep moving.

As Greta now says, the team needed to overcame a lot of challenges while developing the idea. The biggest struggle was the lack of necessary knowledge, but girls received a lot of help and support from their economics teacher, who was also a great source of enthusiasm. As the team thinks, the most important feature of these cooling steel balls is endurableness — it can be used for a very long period of time. Now “C&te” is at this stage of development, where the team is about to continue its activity. “It is a new experience for me and for all of us, but it feels so good to create something that interests not only me, but also is helpful for others.”