"A Boy Who Saves People’s Lives" - SUCCESS STORY #16

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A child, who makes a lot of effort to achieve a goal, can do incredible things. Even start to save people’s lives. A young boy from India, Akash Manoj, after his research on how to prevent silent heart attacks, invented a device, which can detect this kind of heart attack in non-invasively way at its early stages. How is it possible? This story will tell you.

When Akash was 13 years old, his grandfather died from silent heart attack. Because of this personal experience, a boy realized he needed to learn more about it. He was looking for answers online and found various information about heart attacks — the truth is, over 85% of them go unnoticed. So the question is — why heart attacks are so difficult to be detected? Turns out, the technique, which supposed to prevent this, is very old, non-proactive and even expensive. Another way — to do a blood test, but it does not prevent silent heart attacks, which show no early symptoms — people do not have a need to test their blood when they feel just fine. Akash believed, there should be another way to prevent it.

A boy says, that he has always been interested in books, especially related to science and aeronautics. At that time when he got interested in cardiology, he read several kinds of literature on medical where he found a lot of information, helpful on further development of his invention.

His invented device is portable and wearable, which detects heart impulses before completely failure. The detection of it is based on increased proteins in blood, to be exact FABP3 protein, when heart is at first stages of danger. When Akash found out about it, he started to generate ideas, how it can be detected. It took him almost 23 months to find a proper sensor: when this sensor, when placed on wrist, can detect negatively charged FABP3 proteins 6 hours before the heart attack by releasing a small positive impulses. It is accurate, sensitive and less expensive than older ways of detection. What is more, it is non-invasively, so it is no need to do your blood test.

This young inventor gives all credits to his parents, who never forced him to do something he was not passionate about or to do well academically. They have always believed that true knowledge comes from practical experience, so literally this young boy had his parents’ support in whatever choice he had made since childhood.

Even more, this young boy did it all without any financial expectations — he is not going to sell his invention to a private company, but is thinking about collaborating with the Government of India on further development. What his future plans? Akash is now dreaming of going to All India Institute of Medical Sciences to pursue his true passion — Cardiology. And we are sure the youngest inventor of India will keep striving for even bigger goals to continue saving people’s lives.