“Liampa” — Mini Ecosystems In Light Bulbs" - SUCCESS STORY #17

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Take something that people use in their daily basis and try to look at it from the new perspective. What happens? You accidentally can create something innovative! Most of innovations are born because of the craziest ideas. For example, a light bulb — how it can be used in a different way? Surprisingly, one young girl Veronika Buinauskaitė, who has always had the most interesting ideas on her mind, successfully realized an idea of mini ecosystem in a light bulb. And it‘s even simpler than it could seem at first.

Veronika says, that the spirit of innovator has been evolving since her childhood. When she was 8 years old, her father started his own business and taught a lot about entrepreneurship his little daughter. Together they went to various conferences and seminars, so Veronika quickly became familiar with the concept of business’ world, which is not very common for children at this age. At that time, her dream about her own bakery shop was born — and it is still alive on Veronika’s mind today.

But this girl is likely to take every opportunity which life gives her. It happened that one year ago, in 2017, she got a chance to realize any of her ideas in practical enterprise. It was not a difficult task for this creative girl, so she started to think what could be simple to create, attracts attention and also be helpful? It didn’t take much time until Veronika started to generate ideas what could be created from a used light bulb? The fact is, that light bulbs are not very long-lasting and people are used to replace it from time to time. But maybe these old light bulbs could be reused in some other way? Firstly, Veronika thought about making mini vases for flowers — how simple and beautiful it might’ve been! But eventually she came up with even more genius idea — to build mini ecosystems inside light bulbs.

The process of “Liampa” realization was quite tough — Veronika started to develop this idea only by herself. It took her a lot of effort and sleepless nights, but results were totally worth it. Of course, later she received a huge support from her biology teacher, who gave her a lot of advices on how to properly prepare already used light bulb and what to put inside of it — they used moss, soil and other types of vegetation, suitable for micro-organisms to develop. Once you built the ecosystem, it is not difficult to take care of it — it needs to be water only once a month and just couple of drops are enough to maintain the suitable living conditions.

Even more, these light bulbs can be used for a different purposes — because of its minimalistic and interesting style, it can be used as an interior detail. The other way how to take advantage of it is to use them for educational purposes — children are already got interested in this type of educational material and uses these during their biology lessons. That was also the reason why Veronika with her team started to organize workshops for children so they could made their ecosystems by themselves.

So this little invention is just simply amazing — it is sustainable, educational and easy to make, so every child can create one and feel like a real scientists for a moment. Maybe it would become an inspiration for future inventors and biologists? You can never know, but “Liampa” is almost sure about it, as well as we are.