"Together We Can Achieve More" - SUCCESS STORY #26

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„Being creative is important. Especially for young people who are now going through the most innovative age. Creation, in our opinion, is the most important form of human self-expression, therefore, creativity benefits not only the public but also ourselves“ — this is a thought of two young boys, Benas and Martynas, whom life is all about technology. From the age of 5–6, these boys started to develop various projects — from dismantling a washing machine to creating computer games. And who would have known they are real future innovators?

Benas and Martynas have been good friends since their childhood. Being little kids, they’ve always had the craziest ideas to express their immense creativity: once they dismantled a washing machine but couldn’t share the right amount of bolts for each other because at that time they haven’t known how to count yet. Later on, they got interested in computer games and started to make some by themselves: using “Scratch” they created a mini computer game which was recognized — the boys even got a prize of 40 LT! For them, it was unbelievable to get paid for doing things they liked the most. And this memory is still very alive in boys’ minds.

3 years ago, when Benas and Martynas were almost 15–16 years old, they decided to participate in “Hacker Games 2015” for the first time. They haven’t heard about this event before so the expectations were not so high — the boys just wanted to spend a good time. During “Hacker Games” they created an app “Refugees” which was a very relevant topic these days. Even though they didn’t win, they were recognized by some people who suggested creating an android app because they had “a good vibe”. They both decided to accept this challenge and, as a result, created “FindFood” — an app for finding food trucks.

As they now remember, one of the most memorable projects they have ever been into was creating “Lips” — an app that helps deaf people to communicate with others. This app is based on “Speech to Talk” mechanism which allows a deaf person to see the other person’s words on the screen, and at the same time write their own answer.

Their well-developed programming skills were a reason why they immediately received another suggestion — to create a healthcare app. So they started to complete their task: eventually, an app “Activist” came to reality. This app was a tool to encourage people to avoid bad habits and live healthier. At this moment both of them continue to create apps for healthy lifestyle enthusiast — now they are working on app which, using one of the cardiac rhythm characteristics (Heart Rate Variability), accurately reflects a person’s well-being and generates a sports program every week, also updates these programs to the new effective ones by the time. The features of this gadget will help to have safe and effective training for the beginners and (possibly) even experienced ones.

Even more, Benas and Martynas help other children to improve programming skills. As their teacher says himself, without boys’ help it would be difficult to teach every child individually so their help is definitely beneficial. But the benefits are reciprocal: Benas and Martynas, by teaching others understood how challenging this activity is because you need to explain difficult things in the most understandable way possible.

If you wonder how these boys managed to become who they are today, they have a simple answer and advice for other — do not give up: “Failures are also a part of the creative process because all unrecognized projects are just a small step towards another, a better one. And one day it might even become a solution to any social problem which will make you feel proud of yourself.”