"An Eco-Friendly Way to Charge Your Phone!" - SUCCESS STORY #35

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Nowadays it is very common to see people using batteries in all of their devices. Mostly you have to charge them by a special charger that is compatible with your device. Put one end of the charger in the electricity socket and the other in the device. But what if you don’t have to do that anymore? What if the sun could do that instead?

Fifteen years old Evė and her friends were thinking just like that. They are from Kauno Jono Jablonskio gymnasium and are attending entrepreneurial class of Kaunas University of Technology Faculty of Economics and Business. One day while she was sitting in class and learning about how to start her own business, she noticed that most of her classmates have a power bank. “Nowadays they are very marketable, and we want our invention to stand out. Our theme was ecology so that was on what we decided”, — that was what Evė told us. They wanted to make eco-friendly external battery that charges with solar energy.

Eco-friendly energy can be obtained not only by installing solar modules on the roofs. They have created a product that will be offered to frequent travelers, campers and cyclists. It still is only a prototype but when it is done it will be a twenty thousand ampere-hour battery that will charge within twelve hours. Its capacity will be the size of which you can charge eight phones at the same time. She also included that the wood of which the device will be made of can be recycled.

Their idea was for Lithuanian people to familiarize better with solar energy. After entering the Lithuanian market they want to expand to the rest of Europe. When we asked if there was ever any doubt that people will not be interested in the product, she said — “Of course there was doubt and argument among them but eventually we solved them. We have very supportive people around us starting with our parent, our teacher at school and ending with our economics teacher”. In the future they want to create something tied to earth, solar, or maybe even wind energy.

This invention is very useful in today’s society. Almost any device in the world needs charging and it can be a pain when you are outside and your power bank is not recharged. You do not want to go home and wait for the battery to finally be full. You can just use a battery that can recharge outside with solar power.