"Protect your confidentiality with “Vision Glasses” - SUCCESS STORY #36

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Nowadays it isn’t very rare to see someone else’s work being copied by another person. It can either be words from a book, essay and people do not see a problem to make it as their own. If only there would be a way for people to watch something without being able to copy the material.

A boy named Aurimas Kašėta with his team thought exactly that. He said that one day while he was outside he had his sunglasses put on his head. When he tilted his head down the glasses fell on his eyes. He noticed that he couldn’t see his phone screen. The contents of the screen only become visible when he change the angle of his vision. Because he was curious he wanted to find out why did this happen. When he figured it out he thought why not to try and create something similar.

When fitted with special sheet coated glasses the information on the computer screen would be invisible and unobtrusive to others and the image broadcast in it would only be seen by the owner with the glasses. As soon as you took off the glasses you would only see an empty white screen.

The main idea of this invention is to keep other people’s work confidential, the desire to not share private information with outsiders who didn’t have license to share the contents. These glasses interact with the modified monitors together and make up this effect, the screen is prepared externally and we make glasses according to the order of each person.

“It took a lot of time to turn the idea into reality, because not everything went according to the plan, it lasted for 2 months, until it finally succeeded in practically implementing it.” — that’s what Aurimas told us. Also he added that they didn’t think if no one will be interested in this idea they just wanted to introduce people to this technology. In the future, he said he has a theory and is trying to implement it in practice, obviously, there is still waiting a long and complicated path.

“Vision Glasses” is a good way to keep other people’s work confidential. Because there are a lot of people in the world who copies other persons work or in the case of movie industry, films it and puts it in some kind of a website. These glasses is a first step in preventing that.