"With “Shine&Safe” You Are Safe in The Dark" - SUCCESS STORY #40

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While the majority of people look at a reflective as a necessary safety detail, others think how it could be best combined with a casual outfit. We already know about “Night Flash” team which created flashy shoe ties, caps and other accessories. Now it’s time to tell a story about young entrepreneurs team “Shine&Safe“. How did their story of success begin?

As the name of a team might tell you, these children came up with an idea of reflective accessories, such as backpacks and sports bags. The reason why they decided to combine these two is a problem they occasionally have to face — riding a bike requires wearing a reflective but this is not always the best option since they are too small and reflective vests are not popular among children. Also, if you want to put a backpack on then it covers all the reflective elements. So children came up with a clever idea of backpacks and sports bags that have unique and interesting designs so everyone can find the best match!

As “Shine&Safe“ team says, the product making process was not easy. At first, they faced a few problems regarding product costs: “A price of the product itself was very high, that was our biggest problem. But then we started to work with sewing company and the self-price reduced two times!” Luckily, the efforts were worth it: a team has already won 6 best sales team awards in Latvia’s trade fairs, lots of acknowledgment from successful companies but the best one was winning the 1st place at International student companies festival in Kaunas. This award encouraged children to dream about expanding their small business internationally.

“Shine&Safe” cares about people’s safety especially at night time and want to reduce accidents that cause serious injuries for cyclists. So be careful, always wear a reflective vest or if you don‘t want to do that “Shine&Safe” team is here for you and can offer you another practical way to be safe in the streets at night!