“Oasis” - SUCCESS STORY #41

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Today we live in the world full of rush and fast pace, where everyone is worried about their own affairs. Nevertheless, a single idea can lead to big changes and improve our daily lives. That’s how Bishop Curry being just a schooler came up with an idea which would save children from hot car deaths.

Everything started two years ago, then a 6-month-old baby named Fern Thedford died from a heat stroke. The heat stroke occurred due to her having been forgotten in the 2011-era Honda Odyssey outside the family home. Saddened of this horrible incident, Bishop Curry felt driven to help put an end to such tragedies and that's how “Oasis” came to the daylight.

Bishop Curry is fascinated with making things. From creating a home-made catapult and ping pong ball cannon to thinking of ways to melt ice and snow on roads without using salt. Yet, after hearing a news report about little girl’s death, 11 years-old boy decided to take action. “This would be my one-way shot to actually helping people,” Bishop said NBC News.

His idea is to build a car seat or car seat cover that will detect when a child has been left inside a hot vehicle and alert parents to the child’s situation. The car seat will also come with the technology to help cool down the child while he or she waits to be rescued. Once off, and once the temperature of the child further rises or has the air flow on for a period of time, the apparatus called “Oasis”, sends a notification for subscribing devices. If the child is not removed within a set period of time, then emergency responders are notified.

Of course, all inventions need the foundation to go from concept to creation. That's, why Bishop’s dad set up GoFund me website where all of the funds that people donate, go towards the attorney fees needed to finalize the patent, prototyping fees, and to help identify a manufacturer. Good news is that twelve-years-old Bishop received a patent on 4/10/2018 and now he is one step closer to his mission to end hot car deaths!

This amazing young changemaker who aims to create a safer world for all of us is an inspiration to not give up reaching your dream to improve a better tomorrow. Because even the smallest effort counts and as Bishop Curry said, “don’t let resources limit you from doing something to help people”.