IOT prototyping workshop @ SRFG

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n May 15th, 240 students from schools in Salzburg were invited to visit the Science City Itzling as part of the MINT:labs Science City Itzling initiative, to get a taste of the research world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). As part of the DOIT and SimpliCITY projects coordinated by Salzburg Research, an "Internet of Things" (IOT) ideas workshop was offered.

participants working on prototype students working on prototype

The participants could experience the innovation process for themselves - from the idea to the first cardboard prototype of a data-based service. The task was to develop an intelligent bicycle accessory that shows the cycling activity of the students. Eight groups (4 to 5 students each) took part in the workshops and thought of great possibilities to collect data and how to use the gathered information. Even the short time period did not prevent them from finishing their ideas: Altogether, the participants had only 30 minutes for the ideation, prototyping and the presentation of their product! 

prototyp 1 prototype 2 prototype 7

Above you see some examples of the developed prototypes.The participants had to think about which sensors they could use to record which data - and how this data could then be processed and displayed on the device. There were a lot of great ideas: A special navigation system for cyclists that shows where construction sites or damaged cycle paths, or a wind-powered flower for the handlebars that shows the used kilometres and calories on the screen. There were no limits to creativity!


Read more about the event in the SRFG article or on the MINT:labs website.