"Play figures for sale!" - SUCCESS STORY #54

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The team of SRFG had the great opportunity to participate in the children's City Salzburg 2019, organized by the Verein Spektrum. The concept of the Childrens' city is simple: it is a city for children! Adults (except for the facilitators at the work and study stations) are only allowed to stay 30 minutes in the city - and need a visa from the resident's registration office for that. The citizens of the city (7 to 14 years old) can work and study in the city every day (3 weeks during the summer holidays, from 10:00 to 18:00) and also receive wages and have to pay taxes. As soon as they have registered, they get a job from the Public Employment Office. If they work for at least half an hour, they get their salary and can look for something else (and there is a wide choice, with over 50 stations!). As a chef in the restauarant, as a candidate for mayor or as a journalist for the newspaper - there is something for everyone.

DOIT took part as the makerspace in the industrial district for four days. In addition to innovation development through simple paper programming and programming with the "Cubetto" robot, the employees also built VR glasses and had the opportunity to design 3D objects. The stations produce items that should be available to the city and its residents, either donated, exchanged or sold. On the last day, there were still many play figures on the shelves! The staff went through the city once, but they did not sell many figures during their walk. Together we already thought about what to do with all the great figures, and then the rescue came: two girls started their own business and wanted to support the companies of the city in selling products. They pick up the products from the companies, sell the items from their mobile stall all over the city and bring the earned money back to the facilities. What share they get for it is determined individually.

In the course of the Children's City, more and more independent entrepreneurs and start-ups are being established, which are also perfectly supported by the Start-Up Service. In addition, of course, it is doubly great when supply and demand meet so well! This shows how creative children can be in choosing their purpose in such a context. They saw a need and reacted! 


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