"The minus dice" - SUCCESS STORY #52

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the minus dice - game board

You often encounter obstacles during the development of products and services. These obstacles may intimidate some people and they stop working - but if you don't let them get you down, you'll soon find out that things can go up again even after a setback: This is called "failing forward". By experimenting with the prototypes you notice how you have to change things to build the "perfect" prototype and find a way to include your failures in your working process.

At DOIT's Roll Out Activities in the children's city of Salzburg, the participants should develop games with simple programming codes and digital tools which, at best, would solve the city's problems or challenges (in a playful way).  A group of boys developed a game with 17 squares and also used the DOIT cube template to create their own dice. But they wanted something new: bored by the traditional dice with the numbers 1-6, they decided to write other commands on them, for example "-1" and "-2", where you have to take a step back on the game board. After the first test of the game with their invented dice, they quickly realized that their figures were not making any progress because they often rolled the minus numbers. Testing the dice showed them that the "old" dice is quite useful! To make their game work better and more fun, they brought a second dice into the game - standardized with the numbers 1 to 6. Even if their new idea didn't work out as well as they thought, they didn't let it get them down. And who knows, maybe we will soon find a "reversed dice " in our game shops!


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