First Facilitator Training in Austria

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Salzburg Research had the opportunity to carry out the first Austrian facilitator training on 14 October. The one-day training was held in the Makerspace Grand Garage in Linz with 7 employees of the Makerspace and 3 external participants. After an introduction to the DOIT program, the participants got the chance to try out a "Mini DOIT Action" on their own, in which they got to know all the steps - and of course, worked hands-on on a product idea. 

participants at work

participants at work













After this Mini DOIT Action, the team of Salzburg Research presented their pilots and how they implemented the toolbox material. The participants also had the opportunity to try out tools, for example the Makey Makey Kit, various robots or mini-computers and discussed their usage in different settings. Finally, we met in an open feedback session and the participants shared their ideas on how to use DOIT materials in their work.


With the support of the Grand Garage, it was a great first event and we are looking forward to the next ones. The public facilitator trainings are shared on our website (one in November and one in February):