Facilitator training at TU Graz

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Again, the Austrian team did facilitator training. This time, Dr. Margit Hofer (ZSI) and Dr. Sandra Schön (Salzburg Research) were guests at the Graz University of Technology and did a 4 hours long workshop together with DOIT's advisor Adj-Prof. Ph.D. Martin Ebner (TU Graz), his students - future teacher of informatics - and some of his co-workers who are experienced lecturers, designers or maker educators. We are proud to share the DOIT project, programme, and toolbox.

To get familiar with do-it-yourself and the makerspaces spirit, the participants were asked to present their DIY superheroes, which is a collection of (grand-) parents as well some DIY YouTubers and fictional heroes such as Pippi Longstocking (left), Iron Man and Inspector Gadget.


Each participant then built a simple LED pocket lamp. A spontaneous collection of the results delivered an illuminated Christmas tree (right) - as it is already 9th of December 2019.

christmas tree made of LED lights

Within a mini DOIT workshop, the participants were asked to develop ideas and develop first prototypes for smart accessories that motivate people in Graz to use their bicycles. 

prototype one


This accessory illuminates a distance outline around the riding bicycle in the dark and gives warning signals.

prototype 2

"Lock 'n Roll" - Slogan "Lock it smart or loose it hard"

This smart bicycle lock can be locked with an app, but can be opened for friends from a distance. Most importantly: In case of theft, the bike can be located.

prototype 3

"Safety Zone" - Slogan: "Anstand mit Abstand"

This accesoire has uses distance sensors and gives a warning signal if cars or pedestrians come too close.

prototype 4

"The green wave" - Slogan "Faster than green"

This multifunctional box is a fun way to navigate through city's traffic and using - as far as possible - the "green wave" (green traffic lights). Gamification elements and several add-ons such as multi-player elements motivates the city to use the bicycle.

Last, but not least all participants shared how the DOIT training will inspire their current work and plans for the next four weeks. Looking forward to several DOIT related activities over the christmas days :-)