Facilitator Training @ Grand Garage 2.0

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facilitator training grand garage

On 25 and 26 November, the DOIT Salzburg team was invited to carry out a one and a half-day public training in the Grand Garage in Linz. The professional areas of the participants were diverse: teachers, project staff of foundations, employees of the city and the Grand Garage learned together methods and tools for innovation development with children and young people.

presentation of DOIT

After a short introduction round, in which everyone introduced their Superhero, they started working hands-on and the first attempts to make an LED light. After theoretical input, the participants started prototyping their ideas. The challenge focused on a well-known problem of the Grand Garage: The bottles at the "Makersprudler", which serve the members and employees as refreshment, are often not put back into the boxes (because they are full) and the crown caps often do not find their way into the trash can. Here are the ideas of the three teams: 




This LED screen will show you motivational texts and compliments if you put the bottles back in the box or throw away the bottle caps!

kork me!

"Kork Me" 

This device motivates the visitors to throw the bottle cap of their bottle over the opening into the tube. When they strike, they get a melody!



Points can be collected by throwing in the bottles and caps: Simply put the membership card on the sensor and you get points - which you can exchange for the next drink.

On the second day, the new knowledge was used to develop their own ideas and concepts in their professional environment. Where can the DOIT methods and tools help the participants in their profession and in their work with children, teenagers and/or customers? 
It was again a successful training! And for all those who are interested, two trainings will be offered next year, all information can be found here.