"Happy booths" #67

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Many times it happen to us to throw away food we didn't eat because we cooked too much, we ordered a big pizza instead of a small one, or today we don't want to eat food we have at home. We often have more food than we need, and there are many people who have no money to buy a meal for themselves and maybe for their family. To ensure that as many people as possible have a daily meal, the students of the Education Center „Slava Raškaj“ from Zagreb designed "Happy booths" that can be set up in multiple locations in the city, so that anyone who has the opportunity, can donate a meal or ingredients needed for preparation meals. And people who need a meal or some of the ingredients can pick them up at the booths. That would make many people happy!

This project is an idea of ​​a three-member team, created during the pilot activity of the DOIT project (phase 4) which we conducted with the students of the Education Center "Slava Raškaj" from Zagreb, from April to June 2019. Theme of the workshops was to solve current social problems, using students own creativity and practical skills. This Center deals with the education of students with communication disabilities (hearing impairment, speech and language impairment, communication difficulties on the autism spectrum and pervasive developmental disorder, multiple disabilities).