"Stop mosquitoes!" #70

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In summer times we are often surrounded by mosquitoes whose stings cause itching, sometimes an allergic reaction, and also, they transmit several types of disease. To reduce mosquito bites, a team of four 5th grade pupils designed a device that consists of a box perforated with adhesive tape and inside the box is an ultraviolet light that attracts mosquitoes. When mosquitoes come to the tape, they stick. Another idea that the pupils got during the making of this project is a device that pulls mosquitoes into bird cages so that they can eat them. This project was created as part of the DOIT pilot project - phase 6, which was implemented on June 17th and 18th, 2019 at the Elementary School KlinĨa Sela. The theme of the workshops was to find creative solutions to social problems that students recognized in their local communities.