"Children's Cancer Fund" #82

One of our requests for a workshop came from the Children's Cancer Fund, a non-profit that supports children with cancer and their parents, both financially and by organizing activities. The request came from a 14-year-old boy that suffered from an advanced stage of cancer. The boy loved to make games and he wanted to follow one more workshop about making games himself. Together we spent the whole afternoon making games on the BBC Micro:bit. Soon enough Rock-Paper-Scissor, Grab the Dot, Reaction game, ... rolled over the screen. A sample code of Rock-Paper-Scissor- game can be found on the right. It was a fun afternoon, but the best news came 5 months later… when we were able to schedule another afternoon where we made our own games on the Arcade Coder. The boy proudly showed his homemade game to his parents and sister, and hilarity ensued after we had secretly adjusted the difficulty level!