Electric Sk8board #91

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Electric mobility does not only include electric cars, but also electric motorcycles, bicycles, and other devices for personal use.

In the light of growing awareness of electric mobility advantages, Luka Žagar, a 14 year old (now 16) from Ljubljana,  thought of developing an electric skateboard. Considering the new battery technology and efficiency of electromotors there are new opportunities and ideas in the field of personal transportation. Electric skateboard is a transportation device on 4 wheels with one, two, or even four-wheel drive. Because of its size, it is convenient for city use.

Luka loved riding on the longboard already as a younger boy. His uncle has a maker space where he once saw a broken electric skateboard. He repaired it in 2 days and was eager to try it out. At one point he had to return it to the owner so he decided to make his own.

During vacation time he was working in a company that produces electric circuits. He gained a lot of knowledge and also got TWIN ESC, a very important part of electric skateboard. And here the project started.

He started planning and researching already at the end of school year. The whole summer vacation he was improving details. As the school year began, he started to physically make the project. He planned to finish it by March, however it took several more months. Altogether it took him a year, besides he had to study hard for the last year of elementary school and get credits to enroll in the desired highschool. (Luka: ''The credit system for enrolling into Gimnasium is not very friendly for youngsters that are also interested in something else besides school!'')

Luka's skateboard surmounts all other electric skateboards on the market in the following aspects:  performance, scope, power, price. The battery system in his skateboard (made by himself) has 70 km reach which is a lot!!!

While creating the skateboard he compared it to the best and most popular electric skateboards on the market:

• Boosted Stealth (best and most popular skateboard on the market)

• Raptor 2.1 Direct drive electric skateboard (the fastest skateboard)

• Evolve Skateboards Bamboo GTX Electric Longboard Skateboard (skateboard with the highest reach)

The board itself is made of 8 layers of maple veneer and two layers of walnut veneer. Trucks are made from steel, the inner part of wheels is made of hard aluminum while the wheel is of polyurethane. Gears are also made of steel, riser pads are gum and skateboard frame made of fiberglass.

With this project Luka attended a competition organized by Alience for technical Culture of Slovenia (Zveza za tehnično kulturo Slovenije) and reached through the regional part to the state competition, where he won first prize. Congrats for Luka!