The Platform Which Improves Communication Between Children and Parents - Success Story #002

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What could be done when adults and children can not understand each other? I bet this problem appeared at least once in everyone‘s lives so this feeling  is so familiar for most of us. Surprisingly, the solution to this problem was created not by any expert or even not by any adult…The platform „Hear me“ was built by a boy, who takes this problem very seriously and tries to improve the communication between children and adults in the most effective way.

As Simonas Vakaris Savickas, the 9-year-old boy, says, the idea to create this platform came from learning that sometimes children feel misunderstood and it is the main reason why they deny to make any compromises with their parents. Simonas Vakaris suggests very simple but at the same time very effective way to solve this – the platform „Hear me“. This platform allows to share your experience anonymously and get suggestions on what should be done in order to solve one or another problem. This technology connects children’s, parents’ and psychologists’ anonymous profiles, where two conflicting sides can be consulted by a professional. The platform targets children from 2nd grade and their parents – it is hoped that this suggested solution will reach out to more than 50 000 children and 100 000 parents in Lithuania.

This idea was already presented in Vilnius Tech Park, ChangeMakers’ON Camp 2017,  where the youngest entrepreneur in Lithuania represented his project: the boy, who is also a programmer, generated the whole business plan for this project. He told everyone that the main idea of it is to communicate with other people who have the  same problems and try to help each other. Sounds really simple, right?  But even this kind of solutions sometimes seem to be impossible for adults, while children can look at it with more simplicity, which is the key to great achievements.


written by Ieva Tilindyte, European Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative Studies Institute



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