Big Ideas For A Better School - Success Story #009

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A lot of children find it hard to fully realize themselves at school. The most common reason for this – schools can not provide enough activities to interest all children. But does it mean that such problems stop every child from creating themselves as individuals? We don’t think so. Why? Because we met Julius Pauliukevičius, whom none of these problems couldn’t stop from becoming a real change-maker.


As Julius remembers, his ordinary and kind of a boring school days were finally over when he started to take action by himself: being a ninth-grader, this boy started to establish educational workshops for students where they could realize themselves as entrepreneurs. At the age of 15, Julius got an idea to start writing and publishing educational publications for children about healthy lifestyle, but, unfortunately, this activity required specific knowledge about publishing which was not usual for students at school.

After this misfortune, Julius learned his lesson, but didn’t give up trying one more time. At the age of 16, he started a new workshop for students and established news portal. By the time they started to get various accreditations to events and concerts. A smart step here was taken – Julius together with his team  was giving away these accreditations to students-future journalists so they could provide publications to a news portal.  These publications eventually made an interesting content and first income was generated by using banners. Quite genius, right? This practical experience was really useful not only for Julius, but also for other students, who had this opportunity for the first time in their lives.

By the time Julius’ activities became more and more challenging. Later on, after mentioned school workshops, he strived for getting a license to organize TEDxYouth Vilnius 2012. And he succeeded! Julius believes, that this goal was successfully reached only because he was a part of a “golden” team, where people were extremely passionate about what they did.

All these achievements developed a change-maker’s spirit. This spirit forced Julius to never go back and always accept new challenges. So as a result, Julius created his first innovation – “Go Histo” which was also inspired by the lack of motivation to study for history exams. This app provides students with such options as testing your knowledge and find out your weakest spots. After this step, the app suggests to concentrate more on these topics and gives explanations where they are needed. Anyone said that studying cannot be interesting and interactive? “Go Histo” proves otherwise.

Step by step, Julius is now working on www.pradinukams.ltplatform. The idea of creating this platform was born when Startup Lithuania introduced Julius to organization working on math’s and English’s Olympiads. This exact organization from Georgia offered Julius to be responsible person for  such olympiads in Lithuania. The most important thing about it – these “Kings Olympiads” are not only for children who are the best students at their schools, but for every child who wants to try out their knowledge.

So, “Go Histo” and “Kings olympiads” were inspiration to eventually create This platform provides students of primary schools to study in a more colorful and interesting way than ever. There everyone can find illustrated tasks, which are not only helpful and useful, but also very entertaining  – isn’t that sound like a perfect solution for every child?

Julius believes, that in order to overcome your challenges, you need to take an action. As he says, it doesn’t matter if you are 12 or 32 – there are always excuses why we can’t do one or another thing. How to avoid it? Just don’t wait and take an action right now. And later you’ll finally realize how stupid all these excuses were.


written by Ieva Tilindyte, European Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative Studies Institute



Interview with Julius


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