Three Children and Their Homemade Lemonade - Success Story #008

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What do you do when your parents strictly ban you from having sweet and delicious drinks? Okay, maybe most of you would say it’s not the end of the world. But imagine it’s the summertime, you are playing on the beach and really want something sparkling, sweet and refreshing to quench your thirst. Seems quite hard to resist one of those sodas, right? A few creative children – Upė (9), Vincas (8) and Vasara (5) – experienced this kind of situation last summer and needed to think of any possible alternatives.

As you all already know, such drinks as carbonated sodas or even “healthy” juice contain big amounts of sugar. Soft drinks, soda, pop — or whatever you call them, these sugar-laden beverages offer zero nutritional benefit – they are just simple sugar water. Of course, you can always suggest water to your child but I bet most of them wouldn‘t appreciate this. And we all can feel them because every one of us has been a little candy-loving child.

It was a sunny day on the beach when Upė, Vincas and Vasara requested their parents for a soda. Raimonda and Naglis, their parents, suggested children to make their own lemonade, but it was kind of a joke. However, children took it very seriously, especially Vincas, who has always been very passionate about creating various homemade stuff. So this idea was taken with a lot of joy and enthusiasm. On their way home, they picked up all ingredients needed and started to change the way people (especially parents) think about lemonade.

The recipe of this refreshing drink includes such ingredients as carbonated water, lemon, honey and sometimes a little bit of natural juice. This young lemonade-making squad says that the main reason to start making their own lemonade was the lack of delicious and healthy alternatives. By saying this, they mean that this problem is relevant to all children: they believe there are no healthy lemonades in the stores, even though sometimes you can get confused by colorful and deceptive labels on the bottles. And we totally agree with them: nowadays, when healthy lifestyle’s cult is at its culmination, we can easily find researches which show huge amounts of sugar in various drinks – these photos below visualize the other side of “healthy choices”.

Moreover, the lemonade-squad found the perfect solution of how to provide other children with healthy and delicious lemonade: they decided start selling it. So, as soon as this second idea came to their minds, they started to make posters and even mini trading stand, where the price for a glass of lemonade was indicated – 1 euro. They were selling it in Nida, one of the Lithuanian’s most beautiful resorts, where a lot of families are spending their holidays every summer. As Raimonda says, “Bitės limonadas” (“Bee’s Lemonade”) attracted a lot of attention of curious children who was amazed how homemade lemonade can be so delicious! Upė, Vincas and Vasara are planning to continue their lemonade business this summer and are  about to extend their assortment with healthy snacks and candies.

So what can we learn from this story? These three kids show us how every act of positive change is important to the world, even though it may seem like the smallest and simplest details. And we truly believe these young change-makers of healthy lifestyle will keep on their path purposefully to make the world healthier.