The Way Young People Improve Environmental Sustainability - Success Story #012

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We learn from our experience that if there is even the tiniest chance to realize your idea, you cannot miss it. There are so many opportunities in this world for everyone – no matter how old you are or what’s your social status or education level, anyone can get the right competencies to work for their dreams.

 And it’s not just saying – these words truly have the power. And there is a girl who also thinks the same – Lukrecija Urnevičiūtė who started to make an impact in both social and environmental contexts at the very young age.

As Lukrecija claims, her journey as a  social innovator has started when she was a curious and active girl at school. By that time, being an 8th-grader, she got interested in political and social activities where she met a lot of inspiring and motivating people who also had a big role in her personal development. These activities have shown this young girl that you should always choose a way which makes you happy and feel free to realize even the craziest ideas.

As it was mentioned at the beginning of this story, Lukrecija has been always an active doer in solving social and environmental problems. One of her most impressive achievements is developing a business model of “EneStor” – project which reflects on the sorest nowadays problems regarding the distribution of clean and sustainable energy, such as waste of electricity produced by wind parks and dramatically vast emissions of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Lukrecija together with other teammembers have prepared a solution to this by including data analysis, programming, business development and engineering, also marketing aspects – all of this data was received from researching high amounts of case studies on electricity capacity market. I think you could all agree that’s a quite impressive project for 16 year-old schoolers, right?

So “EneStor” is balancing wind farms’ surplus energy which they fail to forecast at night. As Lukrecija presents their project, “Our proposed solution targets three different audiences of our customers, including wind farms, e-vehicle owners and the general public. In the first scenario, we provide the wind farms with the balancing service and thus help them reduce huge expenditures on fines for the Transmission System Operator in case of energy production forecast failure. Second of all, e-vehicle owners might increase their savings by purchasing energy when the market prices are the least due to energy excess in the grid. Last but not the least, we are impactful in terms of climate change. We actively participate in promoting green energy and implementing innovative solutions.” Even though there is no prototype yet, the team made proper calculations and is sure about the positive impact to most urgent global issues.

“EneStor” won 2nd place in the National Finals of ClimateLaunchpad – the world’s largest green business idea competition – and even was pitched in Global Finals where more than 100 teams were competing for recognition. The success of this project is likely to become even bigger and start making a worldwide impact.

Can you believe that “EneStor” is just one of many others Lukrecija’s goals? To begin talking about her social activities, this girl highlights the importance of participating in PeaceTalks 2016. This event took place in London and Lukrecija, being just 16-year-old girl,  gave speech in front of 300 people and more than 2 mln. viewers online about how little activities have a great impact. And her smaller or bigger impacts seem to be endlessly.

Lukrecija thinks, that one of the most important factors to start changes is to be encouraged. So what would be your encouragement for other young creators? “For all young people there who don’t have a clue how to take the first step, I advise to take every possible opportunity and to doubt yourself less. If you think there are not enough activities to realize yourself, just try google it – there are so many volunteering opportunities to start with, for example, and if you have an idea, start to take action and think, what could be done in this exact stage? Then start to plan little by little. And do not forget to develop your personal skills – read and explore more, make new contacts and realize at least one of your personal ideas. Don’t be afraid to fail and try again – prove yourself how colourful you can be!


written by Ieva Tilindyte, European Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative Studies Institute

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