A Young Inventor - Success Story #013

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Children’s creativity is endlessly and every child need to feel free to use their imagination – it is the main driving force to create incredible things!  One boy believes the same - Tautvydas Petruškevičius, who remembers himself as a crazy kid, who was addicted to toy building bricks and was creating constructions bigger than himself.  Later on this childish creativity led to successful solutions, which made Tautvydas to become a social innovator. So if you still don’t believe in the power of creativity, this story is just for you.

When Tautvydas was a 9th-grader, he was struggling with maths and felt the need of solving this problem somehow. While thinking about the possibilities of what could be done, he decided to try himself in… economics. Now you might think that economics and maths are kind of similar subjects?  Maybe, but the difference between these two is that in economics you can start students’ workshops where everyone can combine their knowledge with  creativity and invent something brand new. So, together with some other schoolers and with the help from a teacher, Tautvydas generated the idea of the first product – “Kvapni Mada” (“Scented Fashion”) which was a brand of scented bracelets. It was the very first released product for all of them, so the team realized how hard-working you must be in order to create something like this. Of course, they needed to overcome a lot of challenges until they finally succeeded – “Kvapni Mada” received recognition and was nominated as a one of the top 10 student’s workshop teams in Lithuania and also was acknowledged by Startupreneurs for international sales in Sweden. And it was just the very first steps.

After a year, in 2017,  Tautvydas was the initiator of another student’s workshop. This time, their idea was related to technologies and it was a very serious decision. Happily, their team consisted of true young experts in technologies: a filmmaker, sport photographer and the last one who was ambitious to create something real. Naturally, they came up with an idea to construct a camera slider, which was made from carbon fiber and 3D printer parts. This device expands operator possibilities because of removable, 360-degree wheelbase, which lets to operate your film-making process more easily. So this successfully developed product was the first “FunFilm” achievement.

In all this making process, these young boys explored every stage of product development by their own: how to create and sell your idea, how to represent your product, how to deal with finances and how to work in the real team. They also learned how to work with 3D printers and other professional equipment and there is no doubt how powerful this experience was. There were a lot of sleepless nights, struggles, but at the end of the day Tautvydas knows that it was all worth it. As he says, this process helped to understand what he want to do in his life – to be a product designer.

Being at the very young age, this boy has created even more innovations, such as “Smart Garden”, which is environmentally and user-friendly solution to water your plants even when you are away from home. The “Smart Garden” is made from fully recyclable materials and doesn’t use any electricity. The most important part of this garden is a wine bottle, filled with water and placed in the position where it can provide water for plants.

The latest innovation of Tautvydas was being developed during the project Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs in Italy. The opportunity to participate in the project was given for a reason – in 2017, he became a winner of the leadership nomination in the National Fair of Students Startupers. Then his Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs journey began, which gave him experience for a lifetime and opportunity to be a part of environmentally friendly bag’s making process. Now this unique bag is about to be launched in the Italian market soon.  And Tautvydas is about to continue to work on his innovations and for reaching his dream – to inspire young and brave ones to change the world. Tautvydas believes, that “By creating great designs, we are able to influence the way our future generations are going to live.”


written by Ieva Tilindyte, European Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative Studies Institute

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