DOIT's second project meeting & practice partner days in Billund (DK)

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We were all looking forward to our second project meeting, followed by two-day long practice partner days of DOIT:

Hosted by our partner Capital of Children (owned by Billund Municipality and the LEGO Foundation) we met within the capital of LEGO – Billund in Denmark.

Being within in such an inspriring environment was a great opportunity for the project: There is a close relationship between LEGO and maker education, as Seymour Papert’s (MIT) work is intertwined with LEGO – especially, but not only, with the LEGO mindstorms concept. And we were also able to get some insides into Capital of Children’s work and the LEGO idea studio.

Within additional postings, we will give some insights into our work in Billund. But we start with a picture of the last day with – not all – but most of the people who came together for the practice partner days. The picture was taken by a girl (thanks!) at the LEGO House – the whole building looks like a house build with the popular bricks. But brrr … still no spring in Denmark in March :)