We created our dream world @ MakerDays Salzburg

Cardboard, lenses, tape and a few pens: how to create a dream world in 3D from these things? Children could experience this at the DOIT stand at the MakerDays in theStadt:Bibliothek Salzburg!

On March 2nd, the DOIT team from Salzburg Research held a workshop on the theme of "(Co-)designing the world". Therefore we asked children how their perfect world would look like and provided templates from Panoform, where they could draw their ideas. The drawings were photographed and uploaded on Panoform. As a result, ith the help of selfmade virtual reality glasses, the kids could experience their dream worlds with 360° images!

virtual reality with cardboard boxes?

Unicorn glasses in the making

For the selfmade glasses we used templates from MeinGuckkasten. The children cut out the pattern and glued it together. Every child has a different taste, therefore they created a lot of well-decorated glasses. Of course, there were also unicorn glasses! After the workshop, the kids could take the glasses home and show their dream worlds to their parents and friends.

If you are curious about how it works, you can also take a look at the interesting article from Steven Marx about "Pano-Painting".