Local kindergarten @ Salzburg Research

On May 15, Salzburg Research received a visit from children from a kindergarten nearby. 13 kids got an insight into the work of DOIT!

Help Mülletto to find its way!

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At one station, we asked the children to help our little garbage-roboter to throw trash into the right bin. "Mülletto" is our version of Cubetto, a device where children from 3 years can learn how to program things. First they had to identify the garbage (small boxes with items on them, e.g. a bottle or a banana peel) and find the matching bin on our game board. Then they had to look for the right coding blocks (left, right, forward) in order to help Mülletto to find its way throught the maze to the right bin. The kids had a lot of fun working together and were excited when Mülletto moved according to their codes.

Draw your perfect playground!

The second station consisted of 2 templates for pano painting. the children can paint and draw on it, afterwards the drawing is photographed and you can view it via Panoform in 360 degrees with the smartphone and (self-made) VR-glasses. We adapted the template according to an idea from Steven Marx, so the kids know on which part of the template to draw on.

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They had a lot of great ideas and were really excited when they looked at their playgrounds through their virtual reality glasses. In any case, it can be said that the perfect playground for those children needs a lot of swings!