Presentation @ ISPIM 2018

During the ISPIM Innovation Conference 2018 with the motto "Innovation - The name of the game!" in Stockholm, DOIT partner Salzburg Research had the opportunity to give a presentation.

The slides

Feedback on the Approach

The audience was very interested in the topic and also had a lot of challening questions about the project and its approach. There was a special interest in the five theory-based DOIT dimensions, why we consider a maker space as suitable for innovation education and which challenges can arise there for teachers. Especially the implementation of the DOIT approach in an early age group found many supporters among the audience. Interest was also expressed in "entrepreneurial self-efficacy" and increasing awareness of "kids-relevant" social innovation projects.


For a DOIT partner, conferences and other events are always a great way to find supporters and meet like-minded people. In the same presentation session a new ERASMUS project was presented:  SOCIA. The project will host a "Social Innovation Academy" - it will be the first European, fully online management training programme focusing exclusively on social innovation.