EdMedia Workshop 2018: Documentation and materials

These are slides and documentation of the joint workshop at the EDmedia conference in Amsterdam, 25th June 2018: "Making with kids in Europe - to foster digital literacy, to make a better world, and to build a new entrepreneurship education", hosted by  Adj. Prof. Dr. Martin EBNER (University of Technology Graz, Austria), Maria GRANDL (University of Technology Graz, Austria), Karen VAN DER MOOLEN (Waag Society, Netherlands) and Dr. Sandra SCHÖN (Salzburg Research, Austria).

After a introduction of key ideas of "making with children" by Maria, Sandra presented DOIT's approach, Karen WAAG's perspective and Martin the perspective of University of Technology Graz). Then all participants were asked to participate at the Marshmallow Challenge as warming-up for a litte faire of maker projects for beginners. All participants could try to build, e.g. a LED pocket light, or to code with Scratch or Pocket Code. Reflection of what all have seen as well as final pledges for future making projects were also included to establish a highly interactive participation.