DOIT discussed impact of SSH projects at Austria's national funding agency for industrial research and development

DOIT was part of the internal expert workshop “SSH (Social Sciences and Humanities) within the Societal Challenges (Horizon 2020) – sharing experiences on impact and mission orientation” organised by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), the national funding agency for industrial research and development.

At 3rd of July 2018, Austrian coordinators and partners of Horizon 2020 projects with societal challenges – this includes Sandra Schön (Salzburg Research) – presented their projects and discussed the role of impact and currently planned “missions” for Horizon 2020. Experts from the ministries, and the FFG, eg. the Austrian delegate for  Societal Challenge 6, Matthias Reiter-Pázmándy (BMBWF) discussed current experiences and potential developments.