DOIT @ "Maker Days for Kids" - the biggest Austrian temporary makerspace for kids

DOIT supported the potentially biggest Austrian temporary makerspace for children at the University of Technology Graz with more than 110 children on four days (13, 14., 16., 17. August 2018): the Maker Days for Kids. Also read the news of TU Graz: "Playful to technical knowledge!" Project members from DOIT partners Salzburg Research as well as Centre for Social Innovation supported the event as faciliators. They were e.g. responsible for short design thinking workshops for the big 10 square meter city that was build within the four days. Whereas the first day children collected ideas on what makes a city, the second day were about how about mobilty in the city, third day the city got children-friendly and the fourth day was under the motto "get a green city".

Figure: Results of the idea collection on "mobility in the city"

Figure: Girl doing a 360 degree sketch of a city with Panoform

Figure: Preparational meeting with DOIT team members at the Maker Days for Kids