3rd project meeting in Barcelona

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The first project year will soon be completed and the third project meeting is preparing an important milestone: The start of the first pilot round with the 10 practice partners in the project.

As at the previous DOIT meetings, the focus was on concrete design and constructive exchange, so that many work packages and tasks not only reported about what was done, but developed new ideas and perspectives. The working environment – the Fablab and, on the second day, the Valldaura Labs of DOIT partner IAAC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia) – were a wonderfully inspiring and suitable working environment.

DOIT attaches great importance to co-construction with children and young people, as far as this is possible as well in the project meetings. In the Fablab we turned the tables this time and two young people – 15 and 16 years old – designed and moderated a workshop for the consortium. Not only prototypes for scanners were developed, which make it possible to examine fluorescent guck shapes for enclosed solids. Rather, it became very obvious to the participants that young people can easily take on important roles in the practice pilots – if they are asked and encouraged to.

Please note: Some of the present ones are already missing at our the photo we took after the meeting as they need to catch up flights.